Our Values 

  • Promoting and maintain high standards of professional ethical conduct. 
  • Providing service impartiality, fairly, equitably and without favoritism.
  •  Utilizing resources efficiently and effectively. 
  • Encouraging employees to participate in policy making and implementation. 
  • Responding to customers’ needs and relating to stakeholders with humility and care 
  •  Rendering an accountable, transparent and development-oriented enterprise. 
  • Promoting sound human resource management and representative in our industry
 We are a company that simply does things differently. We are customer driven and we thrive at all costs to make sure that we execute the mandate given to us by our clients therefore our mission is simple; to be the best services provider in South Africa and the whole world. 

Our guiding philosophical concept is something simple but of most paramount essence. 

  •  Our customers are of paramount importance and thus the sole purpose of our being. 
  •  The confidentiality of our customers businesses must be respected at all times 
  •  The organization will strive for optimum performance guaranteeing manpower levels.
  •  We will always encourage personnel growth in our employees through training and  development as to provide a professional, reliable and quality service.  We will always provide consultancy that is relevant and reliable to our customers.
Our Staff

The members & partners of the business entity are directly involved in the business and in the Directorships of the business. Our staff is continuously trained both in-house or outhouse to equip them with new diverse trends, standard of market and for them to excel when providing our services. Customer care, conflict resolution and sales management are our priority as to build an enterprising dynamic company. We are a compliant business establishment as stated above and we adhere to government, municipality and other legal frameworks of other relevant bodies of their choices as long it is deemed legal by the governing laws of this country.

  • To provide authentically the best security, safety products & services to the private and public sector.
  • . T o extensively deliver the best solution within the Safety and Security Sector. 
  • To be the best service provider in the industry for Security and Protection services. 
  •  To render a cost effective service without sacrificing on quality

Our responsibility is to create relations and keep customers, and it is with this approach that we tender for our customers company account with the vision of becoming the integral part of the business and where we are seen as assistance to the company rather than merely a contractor supplying a service.